1. Munazzamat al-Da'wa al-Islamiia is an international non-governmental religious organization; based in Khartoum , capital of sudan, founded in May 1980 .

  2. The Munazzamat aims at spereading Islam courteously and gently and at providing social services to the deprived people in Africa regardless to colour , race or religion .

  3. The munazzamat claims liberty , justice and equality among people and it opposes racial discrimination .

  4. The Munazzamat is doing it's best to spread tolerance and peace Among muslims and other religions followers , and to inspire the beautiful spiritual values of the religions which are meant for the welfare and happiness of mankind .

  5. The munazzamat is managed by the Board of the trustees which includes representatives of Saudia Arabia, Sudan, Egypt, Kuwait, Emirates, Qatar, Libya, and other western and eastren African countries .
    The Board of Trustees consists of sixty members in addition to anumber of supervising organization from Africa and Asia .

  6. The board of trustees undertakes setting, the general policy and planning, supervising the performance, approving the budget and auditing it's annual financial report, and appointing the General Secretariat and the vice secretariat .

  7. The munazzamat is highly concerned with it's exact order and with the Africa and international problems .

  8. In funding it's charitableprojects, the Munazzamat depends on the contributions and donations of the benevolent people and different philanthropic corporations without affecting it's goals and independence .

  9. The Munazzamat has anumber of External Bureaus and Rigional Missions which are responsible of the field work in the different areas of the activity of the munazzamat in Sudan Ugana, Somalia, Tanzania, Zinjbar, Mali, West Africa, Emirates, Yemen and Sudia Arabia .  

  10. The munazzamat has anumber of central adminstrations and specialized agencies , like; The African Council for private Education, the African Charitable  Society for Mother and  Child Care, Islamic African Relief Agency and Danfodio .